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How Much does the average pallet of of stone weigh?
The average pallet of fieldstone weighs approximately 1.5 tons or 3,000 pounds. The approximately average weight for flagstone is about 2 tons or about 4,000 pounds. The weight of Boulders will vary with size.

How much weight can a truck haul?
The average tractor and 48 foot flatbed trailer can carry approximately 24 tons or 48,000 pounds.

How many pallets of stone make a load?
It takes an average of approximately 14 to 16 pallets of fieldstone to make a load. It takes an average of approximately 12 pallets of flagstone to make a load.

What is the largest stone that can be shipped?
The largest stone must fit safely and legally on an average flatbed trailer which is 96 inches wide and 45 feet long. We are also limited to a single stone or pallet weight of 8,000 pounds. Six four ton boulders may be shipped on one load.

Is freight included in the stone price per ton?
Freight is not included in the price of the stone. The price of freight depends on distance and the delivery destination. 

Who arranges trucking?
As a part of the service we provide, we arrange the truck unless otherwise requested by the customer. We are not in the trucking business.

Do you have a forklift on your trucks?
No, you will need to make arrangements for forklifts to offload the trucks. < p>

Do you provide special cuts?
Yes, we do. Call us at (931)456-9025 with the dimensions to receive a price quote.

How do you price special cut orders?
Special cut orders are priced by the ton, lineal feet, square feet, or by the piece. The price depends on the thickness, availability of stock, and number of cuts.

How big can you cut a stone?
We are limited by two factors: 1) the stock available and 2) equipment
limitations. If stock is available we can cut up to 5 feet wide. 

How can I get pricing information?
You can obtain prices by calling our office at (931)456-9025. We can email or fax you a price list or provide you with pricing by phone.

What are your hours?
Our normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central time. We are closed on all major holidays. Our answering machine is available 24/7. Our email address is We will return your call.

When is payment due?
Full payment for the stone is due prior to delivery unless prior arrangements
have been made.

Cumberland Mountain Fieldstone welcomes the opportunity to provide you with natural fieldstone, flagstone, or creek rock. Please contact us for information, pricing or any questions you may have either by email: or call (931)456-9025. We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service to you.

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Cumberland Mountain fieldstone is a division of Cumberland Mountain Hunting Lodge
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